Adrian Parrish

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you to one of the most talented people I know, Adrian Parrish. He is my closest collaborator in this (and many recent projects.) Adrian did the audio engineering of the podcast. This is my favorite shot I ever took of him on the multiple projects we ever worked on. Thank you Adrian for all the work and the layering of all that background sound.

-Kevin Patterson

adrian with mic.jpg

6 Short Reviews for podcasts I gave 5 stars to.

Exoplanetary is a great Sci-Fi adventure story. With many Sci-Fi podcasts out there, Exoplanetary stands out!

It took me about 3 or 4 episodes to realize what they were doing.  At first, I thought it was just the start of a bunch of different tales.  Once I figured out we were returning to all of the characters, I was in!  I thought it great how they were able to create so many different worlds, each story complimenting the other stories yet each with a distinct style.  With several planets to play with, the writer really showed a wide-ranging imagination.  Well done!


Very fun! Great work on the sound!  I been trying to figure out how to do fight scenes for a project and this series gave great examples.  They did a wonderful job of building ambiance sound into so many episodes.  I look forward to more in the future!

The Habitat

I was extremely impressed with this series.  I am amazed the host/producer was able to get permission at the last minute.  I don’t know how much of footage she got and what the process was to whittle it down but well done!   I love listening to Science podcasts to give me ideas of sci-fi scripts and this podcast provides so much.  This examination into what makes us human is fantastic.

EOS 10

Who doesn’t like a Fast-talking Mad Scientist in Space?  Labeled in iTunes as comedy, but really should be “comedic sci-fi.”  Add more categories iTunes!

The Strange Case of Starship Iris

What a fun time! I love how the use of pronoun’s is written into the script as a thought-out plot point with a nice comedic touch.   It is it easy for the audience to like the characters.   Wonderful work building a universe!

Sometimes I can get lost in the plot in audio theatre, because, you know, no visuals.  But this podcast was easy to follow without being boring or simplistic.  No spoilers, but I like how some things in early episodes turn out important later.

Welcome to Night Vale

The original podcast that brought me into the possibility of audio theatre. Thank you, Night Vale!  May many moons bleed for you!

Tom Bennett as Dwight

Tom Bennett knows acting. Tom has been a theater writer, director and actor for many years. I knew Tom for a Charlotte based script writers workshop. We also did a film together called “The Facts of Life” that he wrote and directed. I always enjoyed it when Tom reads at the script writers workshop so I knew I wanted him to be a character in our podcast!

Thanks Tom!

-Kevin Patterson


Steve Nazarian as Frank McCormick

Steve Nazarian plays Frank McCormick.

Steve was my go-to-first-person to ask to play the role of Frank McCormick, a devil-may-care Raider & Trader. I know Steve well from the Charlotte Storytellers group.

Steve knows how to fill out a character. A while back, Steve was in a live audio play done by Cartage Theatre. That night they did 4 short plays. Steve had to creep the hell out of the audience with one character and then very quickly make the audience welcome a lovable fool of a new character.

I knew Steve would nail Frank McCormick, and he did. The only problem is you have to wait until Episode 4 to hear him!

Steve is a writer of many years. Some of his thoughts are collected at his blog, the Penny Collector.

This is, maybe, not the best shot to show Steve’s face. But it is my favorite of him. It’s shot during a filming of “Grace in Training.” Steve is the one covering his hands with his face.

-Kevin Patterson

steve grace.jpg

Here is another photo so you can see his beautiful face!


Kylene Edson as Alex, Alison, and Guard 1

We had 4 microphones and had 6 hours to record 3 episodes. I needed someone who could hit three different voices.

I knew Kylene Edson from a series of Cartage Theater live audio plays. From those shows I knew Kylene can swing her voice. I am very happy I cast her. I loved how she played Alex, the Librarian, in Episode 2.

She also knows her way around a room filled with musical instruments. For her day job, she runs the workshops and tutoring schedule for people learning multiple different forms of creative energy. Kylene is a wonderful person to have on a production. She is very good at reading the room.

Thank you Kylene!

-Kevin Patterson

Kylene Edson.jpg

Ernesto Moncada as Illustrator

You can tell from our website’s illustrator is a fan of zombies.

Ernesto Moncada is a long time fan of horror, narrative storytelling, graphic novels, and all things dark and brooding. He is the lead collaborator of the Arcana Collective, a performance arts group based in Phoenix, Arizona. In Phoenix, Ernesto is one of your go-to-people for MC‘ing a weird performance event. He also does improvisation, poetry, stand up and anything else you might need done on stage.

He is also a best friend of many years. I am proud our website can show the internet his creations.

-Kevin Patterson


Lauren Spano as Dr. CeCe Daniels

Lauren Spano played Dr. CeCe Daniels. Lauren is one my favorite actors I have ever worked with. Her versatility is great. A while ago, I cast her in a comedy film. Lauren played a Doctor who walks on, delivers a couple of unexpected lines, and walks out. I loved how she got great laughs while playing it straight. In my mind, she stole the scene! From that project I knew she would be a great Dr. CeCe Daniels.

Lauren has been acting for many years and loves it. I strongly recommend her for anyone filming in the Charlotte area (or beyond!) She’s very talented and a joy to be around.

Thank you Lauren!

Kevin Patterson

Lauren Spano Headshot.jpg

Photo by Tom Lim

Nick Shaner as Ralph, Theodore and Guard 2

Nick Shaner is a voice actor. I had no idea how good or bad he would be. I knew Nick from the Charlotte Storytellers. I also knew he has been voice acting through the Internets. I also knew I needed someone who could be three different characters. I figured he needed to figure out that as well. Plus I like Nick. His Ralph cracks me up every time I listened to it.

In the voice acting world, Nick is currently working on a video game and an audiobook.  For Film, he has been a Key Grip in a 48-Hour film production and Assistant Director in another 48 hour-film production in Charlotte, NC. On both of those film projects I was also helping out, and I can attest Nick is super easy to work with. Thank you Nick!

Kevin Patterson


Review of OTR Detective – The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio

With 200 episodes on iTunes, The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio certainly have enough to hold your attention for a long time if you are into this sort of thing.  I appreciate Host Adam Graham’s insights into each episode.  I like how he gives background to the writers and producers of the episodes and any sort of historical context.  Plus, the host has a fun voice. It’s easy to imagine him as a magician at a kid’s birthday party.  He mentions on a regular basis that he is in Boise, Idaho.   For some reason I get the biggest kick out of how one of the internet’s great curators of old school noir is in Boise, Idaho.

I was overall impressed with the sound quality of these episodes.  Going into it I expected lots of “old time radio” noise I would have to get over. However, most of the recordings are crisp and the quality does not detract from listening.  I don’t know if the host cleans up these old files, but wouldn’t be surprised if he did.  Occasionally an episode is a little rough for sound quality, but just skip that episode because there are plenty more.

Nero Wolfe – subset of (The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio)

Nero Wolfe is a brilliant but grumpy like detective who only wants to eat exquisite meals. Wolfe’s straight man (or “Watson”) is a happy go lucky gumshoe.  A little hokey but fun, especially if you like your detectives on a quirky side.  Nero Wolfe is one of the featured detectives of “The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio.” Host Adam Graham has done a great job of collecting many of the golden era of radio detective episodes and shows.

Review for We’re Alive – A “Zombie” Story of Survival

I been writing some reviews of other Radio Theater podcasts on iTunes. I hope someday someone reviews us on there! For kicks, I thought I might post my reviews here as well.

We’re Alive – A “Zombie” Story of Survival

I listened to all 4 seasons, so I obviously liked it.  I appreciated how they were able to paint the battle and fight scenes with only sound.   We’re Alive is worth listening to for anyone studying how to write or produce an audio theater podcast. I am impressed with the writer’s ability to create an engaging ever-expanding world with multiple sub-plots.

Short review for "ars PARADOXICA"

I been writing some reviews of other Radio Theatre Podcasts on iTunes. I hope someday someone reviews us on there! For kicks, I thought I might post my reviews here as well.

ars PARADOXICA produced by The Whisperforge

Dr. Sally Grissom is a great central character.  She is smart, fun and I love how no one gets her jokes.  When time traveling no one gets your jokes, because you know, timing.  I was surprised how involved a story they made.  When dealing with time travel, the story usually must take place in 2 hours or less, so they establish that time travel can really become a wormhole without going too deep into it.  With three seasons (at the time of this review) the writers of ars PARADOXICA get to go deep into the possibilities.