Rough Draft of One Page Treatment, any suggestions?

I am getting ready for a trip to the Austin Film Festival. They have a sub-audio-drama subtract. I think a One Page Treatment, might be good to have. Here is my rough draft.

Detective Samwel Sift’s Loved One Discovery or Recovery Services

10/18/2019 Treatment

Written by Kevin Patterson  or


Shamus Samwel Sift runs a sidestepping Detective Agency in the Post-Zombie Apocalypse.  


Samwel Sift   - A couple of years after The Fall, Sift started a Detective Agency for people who wanted to know what had happened to their Loved Ones. 

Dr. CeCe Daniels - A professor of Biology before the Fall, she is now dedicated to finding the elusive “Cure.”

Frank McCormick - A wise-cracking devil-may-care Raider & Trader who uses Hickory N.C.’s old furniture warehouses and factories as his base of operations.

Jane Parker - The Main Raider & Trader that operates outside of the CLT Free Zone.  She is a very straight shooter.

Ralph – A happily-married guard usually working at The Authority’s intake station.  

Doris – The tough-ass owner of “Doris’s,” a popular watering hole for Raiders & Traders or anyone in need of shady deals.

Alex – Lone Hermit who lives in an abandoned public library. She (or He) trades in information.

Chompers- One of the main names for a Zombie.

Synopsis for Season 1: The Case for the Cure

Shamus Samwel Sift gets a hired for a fishy case by Jane Parker.  Sift is to track and spy on her competitor Frank McCormick for two weeks or as long as he can go in “The Outback.” She offers payment of 10,000 cans of Tuna.  Dr. CeCe Daniels, convinces Sift at Doris’s to let her join him.  She thinks McCormick has found a cure. Sift doubts it.  They find McCormick and watch him where they see a group of Chompers acting weird in McCormick’s compound.  A couple of days later they see the same person as a normal functioning human.  Daniels, convinced McCormick has a cure, decides to walk straight at the gates, with or without Sift.  Sift chases her.  After being taken to McCormick, they learn that McCormick has not discovered a cure. If you snort their oven-baked brains along with his secret herbs and spices you get something like herorin, which makes you act like a Chomper during the high.

This was Released in Nov 2018 in audio theatre podcast format in 4 episodes all around 15 minutes.  We would love someone to pay us for a second season, in which they would get rights for all other forms of media.