Steve Nazarian as Frank McCormick

Steve Nazarian plays Frank McCormick.

Steve was my go-to-first-person to ask to play the role of Frank McCormick, a devil-may-care Raider & Trader. I know Steve well from the Charlotte Storytellers group.

Steve knows how to fill out a character. A while back, Steve was in a live audio play done by Cartage Theatre. That night they did 4 short plays. Steve had to creep the hell out of the audience with one character and then very quickly make the audience welcome a lovable fool of a new character.

I knew Steve would nail Frank McCormick, and he did. The only problem is you have to wait until Episode 4 to hear him!

Steve is a writer of many years. Some of his thoughts are collected at his blog, the Penny Collector.

This is, maybe, not the best shot to show Steve’s face. But it is my favorite of him. It’s shot during a filming of “Grace in Training.” Steve is the one covering his hands with his face.

-Kevin Patterson

steve grace.jpg

Here is another photo so you can see his beautiful face!